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DENVER (KDVR) — At the state Capitol, Colorado senators were getting an earful Wednesday night about three major gun bills.

All three advanced Wednesday night in a Senate committee. The bills would broaden red flag laws, allow victims of gun violence to file lawsuits against firearm dealers and manufacturers and raise the age for firearm purchases to 21.

These are bills that, if made law in the state, could face battles in court in the future. That did not stop a Senate committee from moving them along for consideration by the full chamber.

The committee passed a bill expanding red flag laws to allow more people to request a court order preventing someone from purchasing a firearm.

Another bill that advanced would allow gun violence victims to sue dealers and manufacturers. Those opposed to the bill said they worried it would create a burden for business owners and manufacturers.

The group Moms Demand Action was on hand, most wearing red sweaters, and supported all three bills before the committee.

The third bill, which would raise the legal age for buying a firearm in the state to 21 years old, remained under debate in committee into Wednesday night but gained passage onto the full Senate.