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DENVER — The state could move one step closer on Monday to limiting the amount of plastic straws handed out in Colorado restaurants.

Legislators at the Colorado State Capitol will discuss a bill on Monday that would limit how often straws are handed out.

Environmental groups say that single-use plastic straws are bad for the environment because they often end up in oceans and landfills.

However, even if this bill passes in its current form, customers will still get a plastic straw while using a drive-thru and can still request a plastic straw while inside the restaurant.

Some businesses across the country and Colorado already have a similar policy in place or have made the switch to compostable paper straws. Starbucks said it will eliminate plastic straws from all of its locations by 2020.

Some cities have banned the plastic ones completely, but Colorado’s bill, in its current form, is far less strict than other similar bills. In fact, there is no enforcement or punishment for restaurants that don’t comply with the bill.

The House Energy and Environment Committee set to hear this bill on Monday afternoon.