DENVER (KDVR) — Students have not felt safe at East High in the weeks after a deadly shooting just outside the school which has prompted members of the city council to step up and find solutions.

Council member Chris Hinds addressed the concerns by proposing the closing of City Park’s Esplanade in front of East High School to vehicles between Colfax and 17th avenues.

Hinds has scheduled a meeting this week with teachers and administrators at the high school to talk about this potential closure. East High students proclaimed their concerns to city council a week after the shooting and walked out and marched to the Capitol last week.

Hinds feels the closure of the Esplanade would create a safe barrier around the school, and he says it’s something within the council’s reach. He took to Twitter last week to explain his reasoning.

“The esplanade is where violence is occurring and so we make data-informed decisions and the data shows the esplanade is a specific location for violence and deadly violence,” Hinds said.

While he knows this doesn’t specifically center on gun regulation, he thinks it’s a step within reason.

“We have looked time and time again at the city level of what we can do and our attorneys are very clear that we are working as best we can within state and federal guidelines,” Hinds said. “Again, the Second Amendment isn’t going anywhere, so we have to work with the reality that we have and the Supreme Court that we have.”

No word on if the closure could be permanent or just during school hours, but, Hinds says something has to be done for these students to feel safe.

“They are the future leaders of Denver and for many of them well beyond, and we need to make sure that students can focus on being a student,” Hinds said.