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DENVER (KDVR) — A push to end sales of flavored tobacco in Denver is close to becoming law following a vote by Denver city council members Monday night.

The proposal is to end the sale of flavored tobacco products throughout Denver, including menthol cigarettes.

Those for the measure said data shows young people are more drawn to flavored tobacco products.

A second vote by the full council is planned for Dec. 6, which would finalize the proposal. The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids applauded the move, noting it will save lives and said Denver has been a “leader on tobacco control policies for years”.

Those against the measure held a press conference Monday, pleading for an exemption for age restrictive stores, noting a full out ban could be detrimental to some stores.

“I believe a flavor ban will hurt hundreds of businesses and affect thousands of jobs,” Zeth Specht said.

Specht believes the ban could lead to reduced hours or layoffs at some convenience stores.