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DENVER (KDVR) — New homeowners in the Montclair neighborhood are shaken after a stolen car plowed through their backyard and into the garage of their alley neighbors.

“I looked out the window and looked at my boyfriend and said ‘our fence is completely gone,’” Paige Sherman said.

Sherman and her boyfriend Scott Derhak bought the home, that sits on the corner of 14th Avenue and Grape Street just last year and have been dealing with speeding issues since moving in.

On Friday, Nov. 19, the couple said a man speeding drove through their backyard and into their neighbor’s garage. The couple said they watched the driver and two other passengers get out of the car and leave the scene before first responders made it on scene.

“When is the city going to realize, safety is at risk here and is it going to take someone dying for them to realize that changes need to happen?” Derhak said.

The car, according to police, was reported stolen out of the Denver area then recovered at the scene of where the crash happened. The Denver Police Department said the crash is still under investigation and so far no arrests have been made.

The couple said it’s hard to believe the driver and two passengers survived the crash because the damage was so severe.

“They were most likely 70 or 80 miles per hour with the damage done to the garage. It had to be that fast,” Sherman said.

FOX31 and Channel 2 covered a similar crash that happened in September of this year. The neighbor impacted by that crash was also concerned about speeding on 13th and 14th avenues.

“If they would have turned two seconds sooner they would have hit our house,” Sherman said, reliving the nightmare.

There are dozens of “slow down” signs up and down 13th and 14th between Colorado Boulevard and Monaco Parkway. The couple said multiple neighbors have reached out to city council members and the city to add street lights, speed bumps, dips or stop signs on these streets.

“Realize there are kids here. People just like you. Would you want this going on in your neighborhood?” Derhak said.