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DENVER (KDVR) — Over the past year, the Denver Police Department says Denver has seen an increase in property crime.

This year, property crimes are 49% higher than the three-year average, according to city data. Police say many of these crimes can be avoided.

“A lot of our burglaries are open garages. A crook drives by and they see a bike in there and they take it,” Community Resource Officer Mike Borquez said. 

Borquez facilitates a regular neighborhood watch training for people living in District 3.

Wednesday, Neighborhood Watch Training will take place at 6 p.m. at the District 3 Substation. Borquez said anyone is welcomed to attend. Signing up in advance is not necessary.

In District 3, more than 8,800 property crimes have been reported this year, compared to the three-year average of 5,454, according to city data.

“We ask the community to help us out by taking the extra 30 seconds, take your belongings out of car, look around. Are you leaving a bag, your purse in plain sight?” Borquez said.

Borquez said part of neighborhood watch training that is unique to DPD is implicit bias training. The program emphasizes reporting suspicious behavior over an unfamiliar face.

“We need them to articulate what is the suspicious behavior you are seeing: Is that person checking door handles, looking in car windows or looking inside your home?” Borquez said.