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The E-470 Board of Directors is changing toll rates, with toll rates freezing for ExpressToll drivers, and rates increasing for License Plate Tolls.

The plan, which is pending board approval, will freeze toll rates for ExpressToll drivers on E-470 through 2020. ExpressToll users will be able to lock in E-470 rates that they’re paying today, through 2020.

The Board says the toll rate on E-470 between I-70 and Peña Boulevard will be reduced by 25 cents.

Right now, ExpressToll customers on E-470 pay $1.25 to access the roadway via the on and off-ramps, and $2.70-2.95 per toll plaza.

License Plate Tolls are being adjusted to cover the higher cost of collections. That means drivers will pay more when they go through a toll on E-470.

“This should incentivize drivers to sign up for an ExpressToll account to benefit from the huge savings,” said E-470 executive director Tim Stewart.

“It takes a large amount of resources and manpower to maintain the cameras, look up each license plate, cross reference the plate with the state DMV for verification, send out printed bills, and continue to collect on those tolls.”

E-470 is the toll road running along the eastern perimeter of the Denver metro area. It’s a user-financed roadway, and gets no local, state, or federal funding for financing, construction, operations, or maintenance.