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ARVADA, Colo. — The Arvada community gathered Thursday night to hold vigil in honor of Gordon Beesley and Johnny Hurley, the victims who were killed during a shooting in Olde Town Arvada on Monday.

“It’s a time of trying to find healing words that we can take out into our community,” Father Sean McGrath said. 

McGrath is the pastor at Shrine of St. Anne Catholic Parish in Olde Town Arvada. The church is only a few blocks away from where the gunman opened fire.

“It’s just unbelievable,” said McGrath. “I was here 30 years ago as the assistant pastor and now I came back to be the pastor here and 30 years ago, I would never have thought that something like this would be happening.”

McGrath led dozens of community members, police officers and Coloradans through prayer and reflection during the vigil.

“We have to live with hope,” he said. 

Arvada City Councilman John Marriott, City Manager Mark Deven and Deputy Chief of Police Ed Brady all spoke during the service. All of them shared memories and kind words about both Beesley and Hurley. Both are being remembered as heroes. 

I see a hero in Gordon Beesley for putting on that badge every day,” Brady said. “Unfortunately I do not know John Hurley very well but what I do know is that John Hurley is a hero and he saved lives.”

Brady opened up about how difficult the past few days have been following Monday’s tragedy. He says seeing people of different faiths, backgrounds and communities come together is helping to restore his hope. 

“And now I’m looking at a church full of people and I’m reminded that good will triumph over evil,” he said. 

You can see the vigil in its entirety below: