DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver couple is frustrated with USPS after they said a sentimental item that was set to be delivered is now missing.

That missing package held a baseball glove that Juan Blohm has had since he was little. His partner, Katie Wagner, said they sent it across the country to Maine from their Cheesman Park area apartment for it to be refurbished and haven’t seen it since.

“It’s really heartbreaking that this was the one sentimental item that Juan has had for years that just didn’t make it back to us yet,” Wagner said.

Blohm is upset about the missing glove saying, “It’d be something I’d love to pass down. For me, the sentiment and the value is it really fits like a glove. That phrase, it’s the only thing I’ve ever worn in that capacity. It’s not meant for anyone else but me.”

They were out of town when the time came for the delivery. Neighbors with whom they had arranged to pick it up told them it wasn’t there.

“We’re not there because even with that information, I would be going in and knocking on every door myself. I’m just not there and neither is Katie,” Blohm said. “It just never even got there. So delivery was just a total mystery.”

So, they reached out to USPS who claimed it was delivered to the wrong address and that they’d make a recovery effort soon. The recovery effort took them close to two weeks and the package still wasn’t found.

Wagner said her frustrations have grown while trying to find the glove.

“What has us really saddened was more the bureaucratic process behind the recovery attempt. I’m sure anybody that does this job, if they had realized they’d lost such a sentimental piece, they would want to help find it again,” she said.

The couple is now nervous about how much time has passed since the failed delivery. They’ve even had friends and family go around the neighborhood asking if anyone has seen the package.

FOX31 has reached out to USPS for comment, but they have not yet responded.