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DENVER (KDVR) — A man who Denver police believe is involved in multiple sexual assaults is now facing 10 counts related to one alleged attack.

Abiye Adamu, 31, is accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman on Nov. 28 in an attack that began in the downtown Denver area.

The charges include:

  • Sexual assault by overcoming will with a deadly weapon (two counts)
  • Sexual assault by force or threat (two counts)
  • Sexual assault by threat of kidnapping (two counts)
  • Kidnapping a victim for sex (one count)
  • Kidnapping a victim with a deadly weapon (one count)
  • Second-degree assault – strangulation (one count)
  • Menacing with a real or simulated weapon (one count)

The affidavit for this alleged attack remains sealed because investigators said there may be additional victims. Specific details are not available at this time, but police did release the locations where this alleged attack and three other attacks he is believed to be involved in began.

  • 17th Street and Wynkoop Street (near Union Station)
  • East 16th Avenue and North Logan Street
  • 17th Street and North Broadway
  • East Colfax Avenue and North Clarkson Street

Adamu was charged with soliciting prostitution in March of 2020. At the time, it was noted that he was driving a black Honda Civic with a Lyft sticker. Lyft told FOX31 he has not worked with the company for more than a year.

Denver police said the recent attacks also involved a black Honda Civic, but there was no mention of the Lyft sticker in publicly available documents.

Adamu’s arrest was announced on Dec. 2, but he was not formally charged until Dec. 3.

Police said they believe there may be additional victims who are asked to call the Denver Police Department at 720-913-2000. Victims from outside of Denver are asked to contact the department where the assault occurred.