DENVER (KDVR) — A porch pirate struck a Denver home, stealing a newborn’s much-needed formula.

Katie Curler had her first and only son Henry just about five months ago. She calls him her in vitro fertilization miracle boy, and she’s been going through a lot of hoops, like many parents and caregivers, trying to find formula to feed him during this major shortage.

“It has definitely been frustrating not knowing where your next box of formula is going to be or when is it going to get back in stock,” Curler said.

Curler’s mother-in-law found some formula in Florida and shipped it to their home in Denver. Video shows the box being dropped off by UPS and a porch pirate running up and grabbing it within 30 minutes.

“They don’t know what’s in there. They are just stealing to steal it,” Curler said. “I get it, it’s tough times for everyone right now, but to blatantly just steal something off someone’s porch, it is just really sad,” Curler said.

UPS left package in plain sight, company responds

Curler is frustrated with the thief, but she’s more upset with how the package was left by UPS. Video shows how the delivery employee left it in the sun, at the very edge of her front porch starts in a visible spot, and not in front of her door.

“When you see the video, it’s really frustrating to see that they could have walked it up a couple more steps and not put it in plain sight,” Curler said. “Trying to file a claim with UPS is really frustrating as well. They are saying to file a claim with who sent it to get a refund. Well, I’m not asking my mother-in-law for a refund, and I can’t file a claim from the CVS in Florida where she found the formula. So, we’re just kind of stuck.”

FOX31 Problem Solvers sent UPS the video. They sent us the following response:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. UPS employees receive regular training on the company’s methods to safely deliver packages. We will take appropriate action to retrain our driver and resolve the issue with our customer.


Curler said in the midst of this frustration, she’s seen the beauty of community. After posting on community groups about what happened, a number of mothers have reached out to donate or help her find more formula.