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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Recent violence in Aurora has political leaders calling for a rapid response from the community to address what seems like ongoing chaos at schools.

“It’s heartbreaking. These are kids, these are families that are going to have their lives forever changed,” Curtis Gardner, Aurora city councilman said.

Flashing lights outside of schools there are becoming an all too familiar sight.

“It’s not easy when you have to deal with parents and loved ones who have to find out if their baby is ok,” Rhonda Fields, Colorado state senator said.

Fields is a grieving parent herself.

“Every time there’s a gun shooting in Aurora, I think about the loss of my son,” Fields said.

Her son, Javad Marshall Fields, was shot and killed along with his fiance, Vivian Wolfe.

Gardner admits this latest problem could linger.

“It’s not going to be something that we solve overnight,” Gardner said.

Gardner and Fields both said communication is a step toward some measure of resolution.

“I want to listen to what everyone has to say because I think there’s a lot of thoughts and opinions out there and it’s going to take all of us to turn this around,” Gardner said.

Hinkley High School is in the heart of Fields’ state senate district, number 29.

“I’m holding an event on Monday and it is going to be a conversation on community youth violence,” Fields said.

She couldn’t confirm whether that meeting will be open to parents but she did say parents have an obvious part to play in curbing violence at Aurora schools.

“Parents need to be involved in the schools and drive a sense of accountability,” Fields said.

“This isn’t what Aurora is, we’re better than this,” Gardner said.

Fields said that the meeting will involve members of law enforcement, political leaders and educators from around Aurora.

She said it will be held on Monday at 4 p.m. at the Dayton Street Opportunity Center.