Police warn of man trying to offer children rides to Denver school bus stops

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DENVER — Denver Public Schools and the Denver Police Department say parents should be aware of a man offering to drive children to their bus stop.

Two incidents were reported this week.

The first occurred Wednesday around 8 a.m. near the intersection of South Dahlia Street and East Bates Avenue in University Hills. DPD says a man drove up to a female student and told her he was with Denver Public Schools and that he would drive her to the bus stop. The student got into the car and was driven to her bus stop where she was allowed to exit safely.

“Don’t get into the car with strangers. I think that’s the thing: if you don’t know who this person is, don’t talk to them. Just make sure it’s well-known: don’t talk to me. Yell it out if you need to,” said Jay Casillas with DPD.

The second incident happened early Thursday morning near the intersection of South Yosemite Street and Nassau Avenue in southeast Denver. A group of students refused to get into the car after being offered a ride.

In both cases, police say the driver was in a white sedan with red “DPS” letters on the side.

Casillas says that is concerning to police.

“Any child enticement incident is important to us and is a serious thing that we want to look into. In this case, it’s even more serious because they’re posing as a school employee, which can be confusing for some kids. So, we’re hoping to get the word out and hopefully we can find out who this person is,” he said.

Letters were sent home to district parents following both incidents this week informing them Denver Public Schools Transportation does not provide this type of service.

Read the letters here and here.

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