BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — Police say a string of burglaries in Boulder were connected to one man, 50-year-old Patrick Sean Gillespie.

Police said Gillespie may have taken advantage of the fact that most people had their attention fixed on the Colorado Buffaloes football game.

“A couple of girls were home in an apartment, and they thought someone was trying to break in,” Boulder Deputy Police Chief Stephen Redfearn said.

Police said Gillespie made his way to several homes on University Hill while all eyes were fixed on the game.

“We got more calls for additional burglaries that we believe, based on video, were committed by this same guy,” Redfearn said.

CU flag in Boulder's University Hill neighborhood
University of Colorado Boulder flag in the University Hill neighborhood (KDVR)

Police tracked Boulder burglary suspect

Police tracked Gillespie through the morning and into the early afternoon.

“We saw him coming back into the area on foot to his vehicle,” Redfearn said. “He had changed clothes, we believe stolen clothes, in someone’s apartment. He even tried to change his appearance. Officers moved in and arrested him at that point.”

Police are warning anyone hoping to take advantage of busy game days: Most people might be focused on the game, but officers will be focused on safety in the city.

“We’re going to have double or triple the resources we’d normally have on duty, just to ensure that everybody’s responsible,” Redfearn said.

Police reminded residents to lock their doors and secure their homes, mentioning they noticed some homes unlocked or unsecured, making them an easy target for thieves.