Police shoot pit bull with ‘jaw locked around throat of small dog’ after trying to stop it with Taser

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FORT LUPTON, Colo. (KDVR) — The Fort Lupton Police Department says officers shot a pit bull that attacked a small dog on Tuesday.

Police said it happened in the 100 block of 5th Street when a pit bull left its yard and attacked a dog that was being walked. Multiple callers reported a pit bull attacking the small dog. The bystanders said their attempts to stop the attack had not worked, according to police.

When police arrived on scene, the pit bull had its jaw locked around the throat of the smaller dog. Police said they attempted to stop the pit bull verbally, but that did not work. Officers proceeded to try a Taser, which did not slow or stop the attack, police said.

A short time later, an officer fired a shot from his duty pistol, striking the pit bull. The smaller dog was then released from the pit bull’s jaws. Police said the pit bull remained aggressive until it retreated to a nearby porch.

After the dog moved to the porch, a Community Services officer arrived, and a dart gun was used to tranquilize the pit bull. The pit bull was captured and transported to a veterinary clinic, according to Fort Lupton police.

Police said the smaller dog was taken to a veterinary clinic by its owner.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Fort Lupton Police Department in person at 130 S McKinley Ave or by phone at 303-857-4011.

Family mourning lost dog

A Fort Lupton family is devastated over the loss of their beloved pet dog. It was attacked and killed by a neighbor’s pit bull.

Fort Lupton Police said they used a Taser on the pit bull, shot it and even tranquilIzed it before they could get the dog under control.

A mother and daughter had taken their dogs for a walk. They were all on a leash when a neighbor’s pit bull mix attacked their dog “Yeti.”

“He shouldn’t have died like that at all. That same dog attacked our Roti, and that dog made it through, and then he attacked our little dog. It was horrible,” Yeti’s owner Jenna Eliason said. She said the dog had been in the family for more than a decade.

“He was the sweetest dog in the world. He liked to play. He had his own little playful fits. He loved to cuddle. He loved sunbathing. He was the best,” Eliason said.

The owner of the pit bull mix told us that the male dog somehow escaped her fenced-in backyard. She said all of the neighbors tried to keep the pit bull off the other dog.

“He was the sweetest thing ever. So I don’t even know what changed. And they tased him. I gave them full permission to shoot him because there wasn’t anything they could do,” said the owner of the pit bull.

The owners of the two dogs involved are next-door neighbors and tell us they are friends.

Yeti was that dog that people loved here and now sorely miss.

The Fort Lupton Police Department told us today they are not releasing any more information about the case at this time.

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