DENVER (KDVR) — The Wheat Ridge Police Department seized a Chevy Camaro on Monday after a street racing event earlier this year.

WRPD said officers saw dozens of vehicles doing donuts and burnouts in the parking lot of a business in September, then they took off at a high speed.

The Camaro was the last car to leave, and officers tried to stop it but the driver eluded them.

“The owner probably thought she’d gotten away with it since the street racing event in which we witnessed dozens of vehicles doing donuts and burnouts in a Wheat Ridge business parking lot was back in September,” WRPD said.

Police said they were able to get the license plate of the car and they located it on Monday.

A vehicular public nuisance ordinance was approved for the City of Wheat Ridge in June, which enhances civil penalties for people involved in street racing or other activities that happen around street racing, like donuts and other dangerous behavior.

WRPD said the ordinance allows for seizure of vehicles involved in street racing-related activities through a temporary restraining order.

“Bottom line– street race in Wheat Ridge, lose your car. Maybe not forever, there’s a judicial process to get it back. But hopefully this is enough of a deterrent to change some driving behavior,” WRPD said.

The fines for people associated with the street racing or street racing activities are $1,000 – $2,000.