Police release body cam video in controversial fatal shooting of Colorado Springs man

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Body camera video from officers involved in the controversial fatal shooting of a black Colorado Springs man was released to the public on Thursday. VIDEO: Watch the full video released by police at the bottom of this story De’Von Bailey, 19, was shot by officers on Aug. 3. Colorado Springs police said an officer shot the teen after he reached for a gun. A 911 call reporting a robbery in the area prompted police to stop Bailey for questioning. In the video, Bailey can be seen talking with officers before turning to run. That’s when shots were fired. The footage released by police shows video captured by Sgt. Alan Van’t Land and officer Blake Evenson, both of whom were involved in the shooting. According to autopsy results, Bailey was shot four times: three times in the back and once in his arm. The results also showed Bailey’s urine tested positive for THC. The shooting took place in the 2100 block of Preuss Road and drew more than 60 people to a heated protest last week outside police department headquarters. The shooting was being investigated by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, which turned its findings over to the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office Thursday for review. “Our office takes Officer-Involved Shooting investigations very seriously, and we are committed to a thorough, fair and neutral review, which may include follow-up interviews, additional testing, and further analysis and examination of the evidence,” the DA’s office said in a statement. The DA’s office added that it typically takes between 90 and 120 days to complete an officer-involved shooting investigation, after which it will issue a statement. The DA’s office will either file charges, rule the shooting was justified or send the case to a grand jury. Attorneys for Bailey’s family called for an independent special prosecutor to investigate his death. After the release of the body camera video, attorneys for the family released a statement, which included:
“The video evidence released today demonstrates that De’Von was not presenting any threat to the officers who shot and killed him while he attempted to flee.  In addition, there is not a shred of evidence that De’Von presented an imminent threat or risk that he was imminently about to use a gun to harm anyone else.  Instead, it is clear that he was merely trying to get away from the situation.  Even if the officers had legitimate concern that a suspect might escape, the law strictly specifies that it is only when the officers have evidence that a person is in imminent risk of death or serious bodily harm may that officer use deadly force – a gun – to stop a person from fleeing.”
Separate surveillance video obtained last week shows Bailey running from the two officers who enter the frame with their guns drawn. Lawrence Stoker, Bailey’s cousin, told FOX31 that he was the other suspect in the robbery call and was at the scene when Bailey was shot. “He got shot at least three, four times,” Stoker said. Stoker also said they did not rob anyone and Bailey did not reach for a gun. Instead, he said Bailey tried to run away. “He didn’t get more than two feet away … and (police) started shooting,” Stoker said. “He didn’t turn around and grab his pocket or anything.”

Full video

The following video contains graphic content. The video was edited by the Colorado Springs Police Department and provided to the media. We have included it here in its entirety, exactly as it was distributed by police.
The following description of the video’s content was provided by police (times in bold added by FOX31).
  • (00:17) 911 Call Audio with Transcription
    • The initial portion of the 911 call from the reporting party describing what occurred and providing suspect descriptions
  • (06:18) Radio Communications Audio with Transcription
    • This audio is compressed to remove empty airtime when no one is speaking
  • (10:01) Sergeant Van’t Land’s Body Worn Camera Video
  • (12:37) Officer Evenson’s Body Worn Camera Video
  • (14:26) Sergeant Van’t Land’s Body Worn Camera Video with Enhanced Audio, Transcription, and Slowed Down
  • (17:27) Officer Evenson’s Body Worn Camera Video with Enhanced Audio, Transcription, and Slowed Down
  • (19:29) Copy of Colorado Revised Statue 16-3-103 “Stopping a Suspect”
  • (20:03) Copy of relevant portion of Colorado Revised Statue 18-1-707 “Use of Physical Force in Making an Arrest or in Preventing an Escape Definitions”

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