ARVADA, Colo. (KDVR) — Arvada Police said officers shot someone accused of firing a gun, stealing a vehicle and exchanging gunfire with police.

The Arvada Police Department confirmed the shooting about 10 p.m. Wednesday.

In a press conference, Dave Snelling, the department’s spokesperson, said officers first responded to a call of felony menacing with a gun and a knife in the King Soopers parking lot at 64th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard.

Officers were on scene when they heard a gunshot and saw a female getting out of a black Chevrolet Suburban, which someone drove out of the parking lot. The female told police that a male fired a gun into the window of the Suburban and then fled with it.

Police pursued the driver west on 64th Avenue and to Benton Street, back to Sheridan Boulevard and then southbound. In the 5900 block of Sheridan, police stopped the Suburban with their vehicles and the suspect reportedly opened fire. The officers returned fire. The suspect was hit and was transported to a hospital.

Neither the police nor the carjacking victim reported any injuries. Police said they do not believe the felony menacing incident is connected to the carjacking.