DENVER (KDVR) — The Boulder Police Department says it found a variety of items, including drugs, a hand grenade, collector baseball cards and jewelry while searching a suspect.

The incident started when police were called for a man sleeping in front of a door on the second floor of a building in Boulder.

When police arrived, they said the situation quickly turned into, “things not to do when talking to a police officer.”

BPD said the officer tried to gently wake the man, who he remembered from a previous arrest.

While checking the man’s identity, BPD learned he had a warrant out for his arrest.

At that point, the situation changed and the man started digging into his pockets and his backpack, even though the officer told him not to, BPD said.

Police said the man then pulled a gun out of his coat pocket and the officer quickly grabbed it and put the man in handcuffs and called for backup.

BPD said the man told them the gun was broken and he was just handing it to the officer.

During the investigation, BPD discovered the gun was actually a modified BB gun.

Items taken during arrest in Boulder (Boulder Police Department)

What did police find?

BPD said the suspect told them he had no needles, knives, drugs or firearms on him. However, they did a protective search and found the following:

  • 12.80 grams of M-30 pills (commonly known to contain fentanyl)
  • 12.94 grams of a prescription for methylphenidate, which is a Schedule II medication
  • A scale with phone numbers written on a piece of paper inside it
  • Four knives, one with crushed M-30 residue on it
  • Six collector-signed baseball cards
  • A bag containing men’s and women’s jewelry along with foreign currency
  • 10 watches worth more than $10,000
  • Four cell phones
  • A silver magazine that accepts 9mm ammo
  • Over 100 gift cards, of which 38 had either a name or a dollar amount written on it
  • Five RTD bus passes
  • One Texas driver’s license

“We’re thankful no one was injured during what appeared to be a simple call for service. We’re also glad these items were seized so the drugs can’t hurt anyone and the property can hopefully be returned to their rightful owners,” BPD shared.

The suspect, identified by the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office as William Kenneth Jones, was taken to jail and faces charges of distribution, special offender drug felony and a failure to appear felony warrant for dangerous drugs.

BPD said that if you think any of the items belong to you, call dispatch at 303-441-3333 and reference case 23-4576.