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MORRISON, Colo. — The Morrison Police Department will start enforcing a noise ordinance this weekend in hopes of quieting motorcyclists headed through town.

In a letter given to motorcyclists, it said officers will be listening for “unreasonable noise” and then looking for exhaust system modifications and “evidence of an EPA stamp.”

The first citation is $200 and the second citation increases to $400 and a court appearance.

Motorcyclists had mixed reaction to the ordinance.

“I think it’s a good thing. You don’t want people revving engines and doing that stuff and making fools of themselves in front of the public and making noise,” Timothy Lynch said.

“This is just another reason to pull you over,” Brian Eckes said. “I am already scared enough going through this place anyways. It’s like going through a school zone. They are going to pull you over.”

Police Chief George Mumma said officers aren’t trying to write more tickets but instead are trying to find a way to keep everyone happy.

“We want people to come, we want the motorcycles, we want the hot rods, we just need to tone it down a little bit so the folks that live in that really constricted area can live peacefully as well,” Mumma said.

Morrison is posting signs about the ordinance along Highways 8, 74 and 93 and the entrance to town near the Phillips 66 gas station.