DENVER (KDVR) — An old church on Colorado Boulevard was built in 1961, but today it stands with boarded-up windows and a chain link fence around the property.

The boarded-up church building at 50 S. Colorado Blvd., in Denver’s Hilltop neighborhood, stands out compared to the many homes and parks in the area.

Despite its appearance, the building is not abandoned. So, what is the plan for it?

According to site development plans in the City and County of Denver, the property is under review as a multi-family development.

  • The old church at 50 S Colorado Blvd.
  • The old church at 50 S Colorado Blvd.
  • The old church at 50 S Colorado Blvd.
  • The old church at 50 S Colorado Blvd.
  • The old church at 50 S Colorado Blvd.
  • The old church at 50 S Colorado Blvd.
  • The old church at 50 S Colorado Blvd.

The property was purchased by First Stone Development in 2021.

What is happening now?

Leonard Taub, the developer for First Stone Development and manager of the property, told FOX31 that he saw an opportunity with the property and is currently in the process of drawing up plans for it.

“There was something that was in the plan at the very conceptual preliminary stage prior to me purchasing it that the seller had,” Taub said. “We just feel that there is a need for empty nesters to have new construction in the neighborhood.”

He said that a Verizon cell tower lease was terminated prior to the purchase, so the only reason the old church has yet to be torn down is pending plan approval.

“There’s no need for it to come down yet until we are ready for it to come down, we are still drawing up plans. We don’t typically demolish a building until we’re probably about six months out from plans being approved,” Taub said.

The plans are in the works. Taub said the architectural side of it is ready to go, but they are still working through engineering work, which could take eight months or so.

What does the future look like?

Taub said the old building could be torn down by the end of the year, but that part of the process depends on when the official plans are approved.

FOX31 got a sneak peek of what lies ahead for the property.

“I can’t give you too much detail, we are still drawing up the finishes,” Taub said.

Where the church stands now is going to be the site of 19 luxury residences, with five duplexes on the east side, and nine units on the west.

Those residences will be some 35 feet tall with a 7-foot-tall wall around the perimeter and a gated entry to underground parking.

“There is going to be a drive aisle that’s going to go down below ground, and each unit will have a two-car garage underneath the ground, individual to their unit,” Taub said.

He said there will be elevators specific to each unit that can take residents from the underground parking all the way to the top floor.

The designs are described as modern, luxury and high-end. Taub said the units will feature a lot of glass, lots of stone and warm cedar materials.

Taub said he does not expect to have construction permits for another 10 months or so, but those dates are up in the air until plans are finalized.