DENVER (KDVR) — With all the recent temperature changes, you should be aware of possible foundation issues in your home especially if you had a pipe burst.

Foundation problems can reduce your home’s resale value by 10% to 30% if not taken care of. While you’re putting the holiday decorations away and taking the lights off your home, it’s a good idea to check on your home health starting with the foundation.

You might be getting into some areas of your home that you normally don’t get to if you’re taking down the holiday decorations like the basement or crawl space, so it’s important to take notice of foundation changes.

Experts from Groundworks said to look out for cracked bricks, basement floor or concrete cracks, floor and wall gaps, bowed basement walls, or a cracked chimney. Many signs are visible from the outside.

Ignoring these problems can cause irreversible damage to the home.

The most common cause of foundation cracking is excessive moisture which can possibly come from broken pipes or extreme temperature swings.

“Cold temperatures can affect your foundation, especially a crawl space foundation which is only going to go down 3 to 4 feet. It’s a shorter basement with a dirt floor so it’s going to be more susceptible to that freeze-thaw cycle that we get sometimes here in Colorado,” said Rick Donohoe with Groundworks.

Experts from Groundworks said a lot of brick houses are very unforgiving when it comes to foundation issues. However, a majority of foundations in Colorado are concrete which is a little more substantial.

Donohoe said foundation repair is a lot cheaper than a complete foundation replacement.
According to Home Advisor, in Denver the typical cost of a foundation is between $3,581 and $13,663, so you’d want to get those problems fixed before the walls cave in.

Also, while you’re up on the roof removing lights, you should check out your roof and gutters.

Roof lines can be affected by the foundation, so if you see dips on either the main roof or if you have a front porch or a back patio that starts to drop, that’s cause for concern.

“Definitely check your gutters and downspouts. If they’re clogged then water can drop right over the edge of the gutters and go straight down the foundation causing problems,” said Donohoe. “It’s all due to too much water or not enough water. The downspouts you want to get them at least 10 to 15 feet away [from your house].”

It’s a good idea also to look for cracks around windows and notice any doors that are sticking that weren’t before.