DENVER (KDVR) — Security company Pinkerton has applied for a new license to operate in Denver, more than two years after one of its subcontracted guards shot and killed a man during a downtown protest.

The subcontracted guard was unlicensed, and Pinkerton’s license to operate was in turn revoked after the shooting. But a Denver district court judge overturned the decision last June, freeing the company to apply to do business in the city again.

“Denver is one of only a few cities in Colorado that requires licensing for security guards. There is no state licensing requirement for security guards,” Eric Escudero, with the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses, told FOX31.

Pinkerton now has to apply for a new license because its old license expired, Escudero said. The company’s December application is pending and will not require a hearing for approval.

“The application is reviewed, and if all qualifications are met, a license is issued,” Escudero said.

Pinkerton asks to hire armed security guards in Denver

The application for Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations is for up to 24 guards, according to documents filed with the city.

The company is asking for a weapons endorsement on its license. That would allow employees who receive a weapons endorsement on their individual licenses to be armed on the job.

The company claims it provides services “for a variety of clientele,” including more than 90% of Fortune 1000 companies, and most of them request armed guards.

Pinkerton said it will authorize its guards to use Tasers, batons, pepper spray and firearms, like 9mm, .40-caliber or .45-caliber pistols.

Murder charge dismissed against security guard

The deadly shooting happened on Oct. 10, 2020.

Local news channel 9News had contracted Pinkerton to protect a crew during dueling protests near the Denver Art Museum. Pinkerton in turn subcontracted Isborn Security Services, which hired the unlicensed guard, Matthew Dolloff.

Photos from a confrontation that day show Dolloff facing off with Lee Keltner, who had been involved in an argument with another man, police said at the time. Keltner turned his attention toward Dolloff and hit him in the face, discharging pepper spray within seconds as Dolloff fired the deadly shot that killed him.

Dolloff was charged with second-degree murder, but the district attorney dismissed the charges.

Keltner was part of a “patriot muster” rally that day, which drew counterprotesters and the 9News crew.