Picture of coyote with mange in Denver area raises awareness for pet owners

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DENVER (KDVR) — A coyote roaming at the Fairmont Cemetery, suspected to have mange, was spotted and photographed by people visiting late family members.

“I ran into this weird-looking animal,” David Bakke, who photographed the coyote said.   

At first, Bakke said the coyote was unrecognizable because of how sick it looked.

“What the heck is that, is that a ghost dog?” Bakke said.

Bakke took several photos of the coyote and posted them to NextDoor. He said several neighbors responded concerned about both the coyote and their pets.

“He was cruising around real slow and saving his energy,” Bakke said.

Jason Clay with Colorado Parks and Wildlife said that it isn’t completely uncommon to see animals with mange within the metro area. He stated it’s part of nature but important to keep a safe distance.

“The thing about mange is it’s caused by a parasite that causes intense itching in them. It can be transferred from skin to skin contact or social spaces,” Clay said.

Clay said CPW doesn’t respond often to animals with mange; he said only in very few cases. He wants the public to remember unless you have a permit with the state, like wildlife rehabilitation facilities, it is against the law to give wildlife medication. He said not only is it a risk to other wildlife but also pets.

“It’s part of nature and we let nature take its course,” Clay said.

If you have a close encounter with a coyote, Clay said the best thing to do is scare it away with loud noises. You can always contact CPW if you have further questions.

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