DENVER (KDVR) — It’s bath time for Mustang, the statue at Denver International Airport known to many as Blucifer. DIA retouched the statue outside of the airport to look … newer. Spoiler alert: the pictures won’t put any conspiracy theories to rest.

Anyone who’s looked outside of the airport has seen the well-known 32-foot blue horse with red eyes. Mustang, the sculpture’s official name, is part of the airport’s original art plan. It’s a Denver staple, but even without the red eyes, it has a gruesome past.

In 2006, a piece of the sculpture fell on top of the artist, Luis Jimenez, killing him.

Despite its bulging veins and visible rib lines, the airport takes care of the horse like a family member.

The DIA posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, its conservation efforts for “our beautiful blue boy.”

After a fresh scrub, the horse also received a fresh coat of UV protectant to keep its color. DIA also gave it a fiberglass inspection and repaired the cracks and chips in it.

Bluecifer is now squeaky clean, and more prominent than ever.