DENVER (KDVR) — Police say they have captured a feathered figure spotted on rooftops in a Lakewood neighborhood on Friday.

A peacock was captured in the Copper Oaks neighborhood and transported to the Foothills Animal Shelter before snowflakes began to fly. Lakewood Animal Control Officers caught the peacock with a large net and safely transferred the bird into a cage of the Animal Control vehicle.

The peacock is now safely in the care of the Foothills Animal Shelter, where he (it’s a male!) has been listed among the shelter’s lost and found animals. The cross street listed is the 10000 block of West Evans Avenue.

According to the city of Lakewood’s zoning maps, the Copper Oaks neighborhood where the peacock was recovered does allow for poultry houses if they are under 400 square feet.

  • The peacock poses next to a car.

Peacocks are, in fact, legal to own in Colorado, and they are also legal for Lakewood residents to own if the property is zoned for fowl or is large enough to accommodate many animals. Many areas of Colorado allow for exotic pets, such as ostriches, yaks, reindeer and even some wildlife, like garter snakes, red kangaroos and sugar gliders.