DENVER (KDVR) – The overnight Denver weather forecast produced a winter wonderland of sorts, and now some of the region’s furry friends are running out to get the snow total measurements.

It’s never an easy job leaning headfirst into a scientific study of this magnitude, but someone has to record the amount of snow that fell across Central Colorado that started Wednesday evening and wrapped up Thursday morning.

Here are some photos submitted from the field by the human assistants of these furry weather chasers.

The region’s leading snow total-measuring pets

  • Freeman the dog from west Arvada gets rambunctious (Adam martinez)
  • Penny the snow measuring dog from Castle Rock
  • Tucker getting after his morning snow measuring duties (David Sautte)
  • Tucker mentally recovering from measuring the snow (David Sautte)
  • Rio the puppy in the snow (Jo Webster)
  • Roger the mini tiger loves the snow (Kelli Linville)
  • Pet penguin looks a little rigid (Sally Parkinson)
  • Bif tests the snow totals with his face (Meghan Rodriguez)
  • Dog begins walking post-ponder (tucker nadal)
  • A What's up from a pup (Holly Marshall)
  • A close up what's up from a pup (Holly Marshall)
  • Auggie the Littleton Snow pup (Jessica Ellis)
  • I dont think they're coming out of there today (Cassie David)
  • Mr bill measures the snow OH NO!! (Penny Nelson)
  • A measurement well taken Mr. Bill (Penny Nelson)
  • Sookie the cat declines to enter the tundra (Luckykatt Bohall)
  • Luna of Elizabeth is ecstatic about this snowfall (Carole Storm)
  • Too snowy for the 16 year old dog Bingi (
  • Dog looks for pet deer in Golden (Lisa Vitry)
  • Lacey Playing in the snow (Jay McKinney)
  • Watch dog on the snow prowl (Gene LeBlanc)
  • Snow is Reba's jam (Cassie Davis)
  • Curious cat
  • A deer 'pet' deer in a Golden backyard (Lisa Vitry)

If you have a pet meteorologist, you can submit pictures of them completing their community serving work by emailing them to