DENVER (KDVR) — Every Halloween, two local brothers battle each other for the best-decorated house. For 10 years, they’ve competitively decorated, although this year is looking like the wildest.

The tradition isn’t new — brothers Marco and Robert Toscano grew up decorating their house for Halloween. It only turned into a competition in the past decade.

This year, Marco believes this is the most they’ve ever done.

When it comes to decorations, the brothers slowly add to their collection, with some of their decorations dating back almost the entire 10 years they’ve competed.

Marco usually adds one item a year, but this year, he bought six. Just for the six items this year, the decorations totaled $1,200 for Marco’s house, which is known as the Nightmare on Front Street.

Robert added the “fire” upstairs this year, using the same fire effect as the “Pirates of the Caribbean” from Disneyland, said Marco.

But Robert’s showpiece is a 1971 hearse from a small town in New Mexico. It sits at Robert’s house, known as Serene Nightmare Manor.

Each year, the race is close.

“Usually, we make our family choose, and they very much diplomatically call it a draw. In my humble opinion, I think I won in previous years, but I am sure my brother would say the same,” said Marco. “This year I honestly think his fire effect is very awesome; so, not so confident going into it this year.”

If you want to vote on the best house, comment on which one you like the best on one of Marco’s YouTube videos.