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ESTES PARK, Colo. (KDVR) — Whether you want to take a stroll through downtown, grab a slice of pizza or find the best margarita, this Colorado town is filled with endless possibilities.

A photographer in Estes Park recently wrote a book titled “100 Things To Do In Estes Park Before You Die.”

And even though the book says 100 things, it actually has 208 things you can do in the town.

Wilson said she wrote the book to showcase that there is more to Estes Park than it being a basecamp for Rocky Mountain National Park.

“Estes Park has so much more to offer than just exploring the national park, although that is certainly one of the highlights while in town. I wanted to pull together a wide range of activities for visitors to do when they can’t get a reservation and for locals to learn about in their town,” Wilson explained.

Here is a look at some of the photos Wilson has taken:

The book features things like shopping, recreation, dining, music, entertainment, culture, and history in Estes Park.

“Many Colorado mountain towns have a rich history in mining but Estes Park never followed that path. Recreation and leisure have always been the allure for Estes Valley and that brought a wide range of characters to the region. Most of those men and women wanted to see this area protected for future generations. If it wasn’t for people like F.O. Stanley and Enos Mills, two men who came from very different backgrounds, Estes Park may not be what it is today. Much of that history can still be experienced in Estes Park,” Wilson explained.

Wilson said the thing she’s done most on the list is visiting Sprague Lake at sunrise.

“I visit that lake in the early morning hours every season of the year, and every morning it is a little different than the others. A close second would be enjoying a pizza from Antonio’s Pizza, which comes in at number 18 on the list,” Wilson shared. “As a native of New Jersey, I am picky about my pizza, and Antonio makes the most authentic New York-style pizza I have had since moving to Colorado.”

Wilson’s book is available on her website, Dawn Wilson Photography.