DENVER (KDVR) — There is a push for the Denver Public Schools board to resign after the shooting at East High School.

If those board members don’t resign, FOX31 was told there will be an effort to recall board members. Frustrations peaked after the shooting and questions have been raised about school resource officers.

After two deans were shot at East High School last week, DPS board Vice President Auon’tai Anderson said he would not yet commit to bringing in school resource officers next school year.

“I’m not anti-police. I just want kids to be safe from the over-policing of our students of color and that is what we have seen time and time again with the over-policing of our students,” Anderson said.

Anderson did vote with other directors to temporarily place SROs in schools, at least until the end of this school year.

Anderson said he wants to have conversations with the community and to make sure officers are trained to deal with students in a school setting. The school board is now coming under scrutiny by several groups wanting the entire board to resign.

Danny Foster, whose child attends East High, belongs to one of those groups which does not yet have an official name.

“I think the number one concern is the overall dysfunction of this board and it shows up in a variety of ways. Kids’ safety to me is paramount. I think that kid safety is what is bringing all these other issues to a head,“ Foster said.

Foster said if members don’t resign, they could face a recall.

“It’s the fact that this group has put their political ideology over practicality. Safety is, I think to most of us, the number one priority but there are so many other things that show their dysfunction,” Foster said.

Foster said a robust safety plan at Denver Public Schools is missing. Anderson vowed to keep fighting to keep kids safe.

“I’m not resigning. Beat me at the ballot box,” Anderson said.

A spokesperson for the school board said none of the directors plan on resigning from their positions.