DENVER (KDVR) — When it comes to cursing, a new study shows people in Denver swear less than residents living in other major cities in the United States.

In fact, the study from Preply shows people in Denver rank seventh overall for the lowest number of swearing each day.

Preply said it surveyed 1,549 residents in the 30 largest cities in the U.S. Participants were required to be a resident of the specific city for at least one year.

The city with the highest number of swear words was Columbus, Ohio with 36 swear words per person each day on average.

The cities with the lowest number of swear words were Phoenix, Arizona and Portland, Oregon with 14 swear words per person each day on average.

In comparison, the data showed people in Denver swear an average of 20 times each day.

Here is a look at some of the curse word substitutes participants submitted to Preply:

  • Shoot
  • Holy cow
  • Holy smokes
  • Dang
  • Heck

The study also showed that most Americans swear at themselves more than they swear at another person.