DENVER (KDVR) — A man accused in a deadly traffic crash that killed a man and hurt a child pleaded guilty Monday to lesser charges, avoiding trial and prison time.

Prosecutors have alleged that Patrick Layden, 51, was speeding, crossed double yellow lines and ran a red light before the crash that killed 46-year-old Bradley Brubaker and seriously hurt his young daughter.

Layden faced decades in prison on charges of first-degree assault, vehicular homicide and vehicular assault. Instead, he pleaded guilty to two traffic offenses and will lose his license for a year, the Denver District Attorney’s Office said.

“At trial, the evidence would have shown that Mr. Layden was experiencing an unforeseen medical issue and that neither drugs nor alcohol were a factor,” the DA’s office said.

He was sentenced Monday on one count each of careless driving resulting in death and careless driving causing bodily injury. He received 12 points on his driver’s license, which was revoked for a year, the DA’s office said.

Family of man killed disagrees with plea deal

Brubaker’s family did not agree with the development.

“The explanation of why a plea was accepted was oversimplified,” the Brubaker family said in a statement. “Patrick Layden was observed having a medical emergency by first responders five minutes after the crash. It is unclear if the crash caused the medical emergency, or if it started in advance of the 80 mph impact. Our family and community will never know the truth.”

The crash happened in the West Highland neighborhood on the afternoon of Saturday, April 10, 2021, on West 32nd Avenue approaching the Lowell Boulevard intersection. The force of the impact sent both vehicles into seven parked cars, police said at the time.

Court documents show Layden has a history of traffic violations and DUIs.

A memorial sign in Brubaker’s honor now marks the site of the crash.