ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — Service dogs are true heroes to those who depend on them to be able to make a living and live an active life.

Jaedyn Klette has a special bond with her service dog, Yuki.

“I wouldn’t go anywhere without her,” Klette told FOX31.

The 7-year-old Australian cattle dog can detect the likelihood that Klette will have an epileptic seizure by picking up on cues in the scent released by her saliva.

“She only cues to the ones where my hormones are changed in my saliva,” Klette said.

Sadly, Yuki is going deaf in one ear and must retire from working as a service dog. Klette is heartbroken.

“This is my best friend,” Klette said.

Now she must find another trained companion. A GoFundMe is set up to help with the cost of obtaining, training and caring for a seizure alert service dog.

“In order to have a full-time job, I have to have a service dog,” Klette said.

Klette told FOX31 she will continue to provide Yuki with a loving home.

“Yuki will live her golden years in my home. She’s never going anywhere. I’d never let her go,” Klette said.

Service dogs for disabled veterans

Klette does not qualify for assistance from programs designed to help veterans but applauds the efforts of the nonprofit Freedom Service Dogs of America organization that trains shelter dogs to help disabled veterans and others at no cost.

“It’s everyday game-changing,” CEO Chris Nelson said.

Nelson told FOX31 that many disabled veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and other disabilities, including physical conditions that prevent them from performing basic tasks.

“How challenging it might be just to go to the grocery store, then all of a sudden you have this companion with you that does the simple tasks we all take for granted and helps you live this life,” Nelson said.

Freedom Service Dogs at the Colorado Rockies game Thursday, May 26
Freedom Service Dog workers at the Colorado Rockies game (Photo credit: Freedom Service Dogs)

FOX31 captured a few moments spent with Zamboni, a 10-month-old black Labrador, and 14-week-old Monsoon, both in training.

As part of the Hope For Heroes campaign, Freedom Service Dogs will match donations up to $250,000 through Veterans Day thanks to a generous donor. Visit their website for more information.