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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) – The man who was sitting in a Jeep as it was driven through a protest on Interstate 225 in Aurora has spoken out in a YouTube video.

An affidavit showed that 27-year-old Gregory Goodenough was the passenger in the blue Jeep seen in SkyFOX video speeding through a crowd of protesters on July 25. Aurora police said they have not interviewed him, but did confirm that he is the man in the video.

During the 2-minute-long video, Goodenough describes what happened from his point of view. He says it all started because a friend was driving him to the airport so he could board a flight to San Jose.

“We did notice that there were Black Lives Matter protesters on all sides of the street trying to stop traffic. We then avoided any pedestrians in the roadways and continued onto the freeway. There was no police barricade that stopped us,” he said.

Goodenough continues to describe the scene, with protesters on both sides of the on ramp as well as in the roadway on I-225.

“These protesters then immediately started throwing projectiles at the Jeep as well as trying to get in front of the vehicle with bats to damage the vehicle,” he said.

Next, Goodenough describes what happens when a white pickup truck began driving next to them and eventually the two vehicles were involved in a crash.

“Once this white pickup truck did crash into us, a man with a bat then approached the vehicle and began swinging at the vehicle,” he said. “We then proceeded to speed off to avoid any potential damage to ourselves and the vehicle.”

The driver of that white pickup truck talked to the Sentinel, saying he believed the Jeep was going to hit and potentially kill protesters, which is why he intervened.

As they were driving away, Goodenough said, seven shots were fired at the Jeep.

“We then proceeded to go even faster and made our way through the crowd, which dispersed as we approached as well as once the gunfire did go off,” he said.

Goodenough said the driver pulled off at the next exit and told police what had happened.