DENVER (KDVR) — Temperatures will be close to 80 degrees on Friday in Denver, which is much warmer than the average of 63 degrees this time of year.

The Pinpoint Weather Team is forecasting a big change for next week, with the first freeze possible in the city.

Strangely enough, Birmingham, Alabama and Tallahassee, Florida both recorded a freeze before Denver.

Birmingham hit 32 degrees on Oct. 19 and Tallahassee hit 31 degrees on Oct. 20.

The average date of the first freeze of the season in Denver is Oct. 7. The earliest first freeze on record was Sept. 8, 1962. The record for the latest first freeze was Nov. 15, 1944.

Denver has also already surpassed the date of the first average snowfall. The average date of the first snowfall in Denver is Oct. 18.

The first measurable snowfall of the 2021 season did not arrive until Dec. 10, which is the latest first snowfall on record.