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GLENDALE, Colo. (KDVR) — Former Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson’s partner Robin Niceta turned herself into the Glendale Police Department after allegedly making up a sexual assault complaint tip against a city councilor who was pushing for Wilson’s firing.

Niceta was released on a $4,000 personal recognizance bond. The Denver District Attorney’s Office confirmed that it will serve as a special prosecutor in the case.

Niceta is accused of making false reports of child sexual abuse anonymously to her employer against Councilwoman Danielle Jurinsky.

Niceta was a social services worker in Arapahoe County but resigned on May 4.

“Please take this email as my immediate resignation from Arapahoe County,” Niceta wrote in her resignation letter. “I appreciate the last 5 years and I wish you both the very best.”

Jurinsky said the past couple of days have been hard on her family.

“This has absolutely been very emotional for my family and I. We have not gotten a lot of sleep. There are a lot of thoughts running through our minds,” Jurinsky said.

“Now, we are trying to mentally gear up to face this woman in court. When she has a court appearance, I want to be there,” Jurinsky said.

Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman described what Niceta allegedly tried to do as beyond unacceptable.

“This is really weaponizing the Department of Human Services for Arapahoe County in such an insidious way to retaliate politically with (attempting to take) a single mother’s child away is unconscionable,” Coffman said.

Jurinsky’s outspokenness linked to false report

Jurinsky was outspoken against Wilson and even went as far as saying “Chief Vanessa Wilson is trash” during an interview on the Steffan Tubbs Show on Jan. 27.

The report against Jurinsky was made anonymously on Jan. 28, and according to court paperwork, it came in on a phone number listed by Niceta in her personnel file.

A two-week investigation by the Department of Human Services was closed on Feb. 14 and showed no wrongdoing by Jurinsky.

Police have filed two charges against Niceta: one for retaliation against an elected official and another related to her role as a child services worker when she allegedly made the report.

A court date has not been set yet for Niceta.