AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — It’s been nearly a week since an explosion at an apartment complex in Aurora and now residents are forced to look for a new home.

Some of those same residents are telling the Problem Solvers that property management hasn’t allowed them back in to get their belongings in nearly a week. But that could be the least of some residents’ worries.

FOX31 confirmed an email from property management, warning some residents their apartment may have been broken into. The tenants in one of those units spoke with FOX31.

“We don’t know where to stay yet. It feels like they just abandoned us,” Phil Casasiempre said.

She and her fiancé, Gene Karlo Dakis, described the pain and frustration nearly a week after an explosion at the Parkside Collective Apartments. The property is managed by Holland Partner Group.

“We received an email this morning, an update from Parkside Collective,” Dakis said. This couple shared one of those emails with the Problem Solvers, which informed them of a possible break-in at their unit.

“We found our door, already with a hole on it. It looked like someone punched it or they used something to get in,” Casasiempre explained.

They claim the thieves got off with $20,000 worth of stuff, including a PlayStation 5, Air Jordan sneakers and other items.

Residents have not been allowed back since explosion

This comes after complaints from dozens of former residents who say property managers are not allowing them back into their units since last Sunday, one day after the explosion.

On Friday, every major entrance to this building was surrounded by fencing.

“If they can get an answer why this happened, like I don’t think people are going to wait ’til Monday to get their stuff,” Dakis said.

Dakis’ fiancée is seven months pregnant. She said this entire ordeal has been stressful.

Residents of the complex are at a loss in more ways than one as they now work to dig themselves out of a massive hole.

“I don’t want to go back there anymore. It’s traumatizing,” Casasiempre said, adding, “I hope the Holland Group Partners are going to do something for this.”

Police confirmed they’re looking into multiple units, and residents say dozens may have been impacted.

The Aurora Police Department confirmed they’ll be at the apartments throughout the weekend and into next week to assist residents as they move out.

Right after FOX31 spoke with the couple, property management told them their apartment was not actually broken into but only the door was damaged, which is not true.

FOX31 reached out to the property managers, who were not on site. They sent this statement:

We understand this is an extremely challenging time, and being displaced is incredibly difficult for our residents. The City of Aurora Building Department Inspectors and licensed engineers have inspected the building. The building has been deemed uninhabitable at this time and will remain so for some time. Hotel rooms have been secured for all residents through Sept. 21.

We are communicating with residents regularly, and their safety is our top priority. We have also let residents know that we are preparing refund deposit checks and prorated September rent based on each resident’s lease agreement and rent payment status. Each unit is also receiving $1,000 to support the relocation process.

We are also working with residents to help them through the process of regaining access to the building and their belongings, as well as through the relocation process.

We have also started to communicate the process for moving out. We are following safety protocols that include a cap of 25 units moving out at a time that will begin Monday, Sept. 19. Residents are scheduling dates and times accordingly. We have arranged for movers and moving materials to be onsite. Residents have also been encouraged to source their own supplies, moving company and/or moving plans to accommodate their specific needs.

We will continue to do our best to support and accommodate our residents as we navigate this process together.

Holland Partner Group