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PARKER, Colo. — Residents in Stonegate Village in Parker were upset to learn their homeowners association dollars were spent on exterminating prairie dogs near their homes.

One resident said they learned about the fumigation process after the damage had been done.

Board members of the Stonegate Village Metropolitan District fumigated 600 colonies after some residents complained they roamed too close to homes.

“They are in open space where there’s not going to be any development. They weren’t bothering anyone and they used my HOA money to fund this killing and I had no knowledge about that,” resident Bard Jedele said.

Jedele said she moved to Colorado from Chicago to enjoy the wildlife in her backyard.

“We just feel bumrushed. We didn’t know. Blindsided,” Jedele said.

“We received complaints and concerns from residents and we have to do what is best for the community,” board district manager Paul Dannels said.

But some residents hope to work with the board and save the rest of the survivors.

Deanna Meyer works with Prairie Protection Colorado and hopes to relocate the animals to her property.

“It’s a dangerous gas. People should have known about it. It should have been talked about and right now we’re just in a situation where we’re trying to save the ones that are left,” Meyer said.

Board members are also residents. They encourage everyone to attend monthly board meetings.