PARKER, Colo. (KDVR) — Traffic stops in the town of Parker are up more than 50% since last year, and citations are up more than 90%.

Public Information Officer Josh Hans said the community had complained about speeding and other traffic issues, so they stepped up their efforts.

”It’s really making a difference and the community appreciates it,” Hans said.

The number of complaints is down, and the number of crashes over the past four years is down, Hans said.

“This year I believe we’ve had two fatal auto pedestrian accidents. We’d love for that number to be zero every year. We’d love for crash data to decrease because speed is one of the leading factors in crashes. So, ultimately we just want to keep those numbers down and keep everyone safe,” Hans said.

Data from the Parker Police Department shows that officers made 458 traffic stops in August. Those stops resulted in 148 citations, 75 of which were for speeding.

“We are pleased as the community has grown larger, we are not seeing an exponential increase in traffic accidents,” Hans said.

The city would like to know where residents would like to see stepped-up enforcement. You can add your suggestion on the interactive map.