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PARKER, Colo. (KDVR) — Authorities are looking for the vandals responsible for attempting to burn down a military display in Parker.

A political sign in front of the flag display also appears to have been targeted.

The flags and sign are on property owned by the Clair Family. For the past three decades, the Clairs have posted flags and signs supporting the military and first-responders.

They have also posted a few political signs.

“Not everybody’s going to like it,” said Bob Clair. “But that’s why they have the First Amendment.”

The display sits on property off of Hilltop Road, which gets a heavy dose of attention from the steady stream of traffic.

“Obviously, we were pretty upset,” Clair said.

Arson is suspected.

Nobody was injured in the fire.

Any with information is asked to contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.