DURANGO, Colo. (KDVR) — Last week, three people were caught in a roof slide at one of the Purgatory Ski Resort condos, and more high avalanche danger continues Wednesday. 

The slide happened last Thursday around 6 p.m., and the heavy snow fell from the roof of a Purgatory Ski Resort condo and struck a parent and two children.  

The extent of their injuries has not been made public, but all three were flown by aircraft to medical facilities. Sofia Peters, 5, later died after being buried in the avalanche for 19 minutes, the La Plata County Coroner’s Office said on March 23.   

This roof slide is classified as an avalanche and the Pinpoint Weather team continues to forecast high avalanche danger Wednesday and through the weekend.  

It’s spring break, so if you have plans to visit the high country, you have to be careful of the conditions out there.  

The mountains have picked up more snow than usual this season. Purgatory has had 338 inches so far and will get more Wednesday and Thursday.  

We love the snow for our snowpack and especially since we were so dry last year, but this is the danger that comes with it, especially with how the snow and systems have been coming in waves every week. 

According to Pinpoint Meteorologist Carly Cassady, that’s where we get these unstable layers, it snows, then freezes, thaws, and then adds more snow on top and the cycle repeats. 

It creates these icy buildups, snow dams, and gets dangerously heavy.  

Purgatory and others are clearing roofs, but some of these buildings are two, three, or four stories high and pose a potential danger to those below.  

Purgatory and Durango are under a level five avalanche danger which is extreme, so avoid all avalanche terrain.