DENVER (KDVR) — Two paralyzed cats at a Denver nonprofit are looking for a forever home.  

Kelly and Guapo have been at the MaxFund Animal Adoption Center for several years. They both came in as strays at separate times but quickly became best friends. 

Katie Cooke, who has been taking care of Kelly and Guapo for about four years at the shelter, said the duo is inseparable. 

“These are brothers in arms,” Cooke said. “They just have been through so much together and it’s amazing to see how close they are and just how much fun they are. They’re my favs.” 

Kelly and Guapo are paralyzed from the waist down, so they use their front paws to get around. 

Volunteers at the shelter say the two are fast when they want to be. (KDVR)

“They have no idea that they’re paralyzed. They think they’re on all fours,” Cooke said. “They’re so confident. They act as if there is no problem with them and what they’re going through is normal.” 

Shelly Raber, a volunteer, said they can be fast when they want to.  

“They run like little road runners,” Raber said. “They’ve got very good mobility on their front and their strong arms and they love to run around.” 

Raber’s watched the two grow close over the last four years. 

“They love each other. Even when you’re in the room together with them, they’re not far from each other,” Raber said. 

But the two keep everyone on their toes.  

“They do require a little bit more maintenance because they can’t control when they’re going to the bathroom,” Cooke said. 

Kelly and Guapo have to take medication twice a day.   

“They look forward to it because they get treats afterward,” Cooke said. “They take a little bit more care, but they’re so fun and they have so much love to give.”  

The duo is looking for a permanent home or foster parents. 

For more information on the duo, visit the MaxFund Animal Adoption Center.  

Cooke said MaxFund covers medication and food costs for foster parents.