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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — As Colorado prepares for colder temperatures, the City of Aurora is working on bringing in additional housing.  

They will use something new called pallet shelters along with tents. Not everybody is happy with the decision.  

There was a lot of discussion, back and forth about how to help house the homeless population during a city council budget hearing over the weekend.  

“These additional shelters will help with overflow. They also provide another option for folks experiencing homelessness that may not be as comfortable in congregate shelter where people are all sleeping together,” said Aurora Director of Housing and Community Services Jessica Prosser.

Each of the all-weather tents cost about $700 once you factor in all the amenities like heat and ventilation. Each of the pallet shelters costs bout $12,000. 

Currently, Aurora is able to house about 225 people in the worst of times. These additional tents and pallets will increase that number by nearly another 100. 

Some members of the city council were hoping that all of the shelters would be made out of the pallet material. 

“The pallet shelters have a lot more safety features. They have smoke detectors. They already come pre-wired for heating and air conditioning. They have emergency exits built in. There’s an escape hatch in case there’s a fire. All of these things the tents lack,” said Aurora City Council Member Juan Marcano.  

We are being told the additional shelters will be placed at the Salvation Army Headquarters in Aurora.  

The city is now working on awarding the contracts and hopes to have them here before extremely cold weather sets in this winter.