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PARKER, Colo. (KDVR) — The woman accused of running an unlicensed day care out of her home in Parker where an infant died last week had previously been served cease and desist orders, FOX31 has learned.

Documents from the Colorado Department of Human Services Division of Early Care indicate a complaint was made against Amanda Anderson in July of 2018.

A licensing specialist visited Anderson’s home when the complaint was made, but no one answered the door so she left a business card.

Anderson reached out to the specialist over email the next day. In a back and forth correspondence, Anderson was told about the complaint and was emailed a cease and desist letter from the specialist, according to paperwork obtained by FOX31.

Anderson signed and returned the cease and desist order saying that she was operating under exemption guidelines and would be applying for a license.

According to the CDH paperwork, prior to the 2018 complaint Anderson had already been contacted twice with cease and desist letters at another address in the same neighborhood. On one of those occasions, CDH investigators watched the home and confirmed that child care was taking place.

Last week, on Aug, 26, an infant that had been at Anderson’s home was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead.

According to CDH paperwork obtained by FOX31, Anderson refused to let police in to her home the day the child died.

When they returned the next day with a warrant, police found there were 16 children, mostly toddlers, in the home.