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MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — A southern Colorado dog owner and her pup went on a routine walk on Feb. 2. When they returned home, her lab mix started acting strangely. 

“She loves to roll in the snow. I was letting her do that. I noticed she was eating something and I jerked her away and didn’t think more about it,” Amber Grantham, the owner of Bear, a 10-year-old lab mix, said.  

Grantham said they were hiking on a path in Bear Creek Cañon Park, somewhere they walked before. She said once they got home, Bear started acting weird. Right away, she said she rushed Bear to Animal ER in Colorado Springs. 

“They ran blood tests and scans to make sure nothing cognitively was wrong, and she tested positive for methamphetamine and amphetamines,” Grantham said.

Bear stayed in the ICU overnight. FOX31 and Channel 2 reached out to the hospital for a comment and are waiting for a response.

“Her head was bopping up and down and at the ER she got to the point where she couldn’t sit still, and her pupils were super dilated, and she was off center and scared. You could tell she wasn’t happy,” Grantham said. 

Grantham said the ER vet gave Bear anti-anxiety medication and fluids while she was monitored. 

“All I could think is, it had to be the thing she was eating at the park,” Grantham said. 

Bear, she said, is now back to normal, but it was terrifying. 

FOX31 and Channel 2 talked to veterinarian Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald with Alameda East Veterinary Hospital. He said dogs can ingest drugs like meth by eating it, inhaling it in a small enclosed room or licking it off a surface where the drug was used. 

“Watch your pets and your children because I guess there can be dangerous things here,” Grantham said. 

Bear was on a leash and within a couple of feet of Grantham at the time. Bear was able to return home the next day and Grantham said she is relieved.