DENVER (KDVR) — Thanks to FOX31’s amazing viewers, this year’s Coats for Colorado campaign with Dependable Cleaners was a major success. Thousands of coats were collected and now the distribution process continues. 

The FOX31 Coats for Colorado campaign with Dependable Cleaners has officially ended, but it is not over.

Thanks to our generous community and viewers, over 40,000 winter coats for men, women and children have been collected. Thanks in large part to Dependable Cleaners store manager, Kasina Swartz, who was instrumental in collecting, sorting and cleaning the mountains of donated coats.

Now, the rubber hits the road and all those coats are being distributed to schools, ministries, and shelters. All are vetted to make sure these coats are going to those in genuine need.

2022 was a tough year, but with the help from people like Swartz, Dependable Cleaners and you, our amazing viewer, life for many was made a little better.