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DENVER — More than 3,100 votes have been thrown out in Colorado because unaffiliated voters turned in Democratic and Republican ballots.

This is the first election where unaffiliated voters can vote in the state primary. While those voters received Republican and Democratic ballots, state law requires only one ballot be turned in.

Secretary of State Wyane Williams acknowledges the votes will be discarded but said the number is not as high as some predicted a few years ago.

“Several thousand unaffiliated Coloradans who did turn in two ballots — those ballots cannot be counted,” Williams said.

When asked if they could ask if anything can be done between now and when polls close Tuesday, Williams said no.

“At this point, there is nothing you can do if you already turned it in,” Williams said.

The question now becomes if the tossed votes could impact the race — or result in a possible legal challenge.

“It could be an issue,” political analyst Andy Boian said. “A few thousand votes either way can shake a race.”

A county breakdown of votes discarded from county clerks.

  • Denver County: 495 votes thrown out
  • El Paso County: 595 votes thrown out
  • Arapahoe County: 481 votes thrown out
  • Jefferson County: 449 votes thrown out
  • Adams County: 55 votes thrown out
  • Larimer County: 238 votes thrown out
  • Douglas County: 148 votes thrown out
  • Boulder County: 132 votes thrown out
  • Weld County: 127 votes thrown out
  • Pueblo County: 79 votes thrown out
  • Summit County: 19 votes thrown out
  • Broomfield: 15 votes thrown out
  • La Plata County: 43 votes thrown out
  • Mesa County: 114 votes thrown out
  • Eagle County: 43 votes thrown out
  • Morgan County: 23 votes thrown out
  • Delta County: 19 votes thrown out
  • Fremont County: 41 votes thrown out