DENVER (KDVR) — The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles automatically rejected more than 140 vanity license plate requests in 2022.

“We love the creativity and personal pride Coloradoans take in picking their personalized plate,” DMV Senior Director Electra Bustle said. “While most personalized plates are approved, there are a small percentage that do not meet DMV standards and are rejected.”

We combed through the list of reject requests to find those that weren’t vulgar or contained foul language, which were few and far in between.

Here are some of the plates that ended up in the reject pile for Colorado:

  • BULL
  • VOTE
  • FOXG
  • TRIM
  • RN4U

Here are the common reasons for denied applications, according to the Colorado DMV:

  • Offensive to the general public
  • Misleading
  • Duplicate Plate
  • Conflicts with regular issued plate configurations
  • Not an allowable combination
  • Plate Issued to Someone Else
  • Too Many Characters (up to 6 for Motorcycle, up to 7 all others)
  • Special symbols (!, #, $, %, * etc.) not allowed
  • Minimum of five numbers required on all numeric plates
  • Applicant does not have a valid Colorado address
  • Zeros are not allowed
  • Application Not Signed*
  • Incomplete Application*
  • Application requested a plate type that required a certificate, but no certificate supplied*
  • Vehicle does not meet the qualifications for the plate type selected*
  • A State Registrations Clerk may contact you via phone to attempt
    to correct the application

The DMV said Coloradans can personalize many of the state’s 212 license plates at an additional cost of $60 on top of regular fees.