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GUANELLA PASS, Colo. (KDVR) — In a chance encounter with a herd of moose, Colorado Parks and Wildlife showed a FOX31/Channel 2 crew just what to do if you find yourself close to the mammals.

The interaction on a ride-along with CPW, who had brought the crew on a site survey to check on the endangered Boreal tadpole population.

As the crew made its way to an old beaver pond, they were startled to see two adult moose and a yearling.

The CPW district wildlife manager, who was leading the site survey, instructed the crew to keep its distance. They said if the moose turned their shoulders toward them, they should immediately get behind some nearby trees.

Eventually, the moose continued on their way.

But back to the mission, CPW and the news crew were able to reach the pond and confirm the tadpole population is indeed off to a great start.

The Boreal toad is considered a Colorado endangered species.