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DENVER (KDVR) – The local Black Lives Matter chapter says multiple women have made sexual assault claims against Denver Public Schools board member Tay Anderson, who has denied the allegations.

BLM5280 said more alleged victims came forward after the organization released a statement about an anonymous woman’s sexual-assault allegation against Anderson. Anderson said neither the organization nor a victim has contacted him about the claims.

“These allegations are gut-wrenching, because I have not sexually assaulted anyone,” Anderson said in a Saturday statement. “I am not aware of any actions of mine that could be considered or construed as sexual assault. I am not aware of any past partners who have considered anything I have done as sexual assault.”

BLM5280 said “these allegations have not gone through a formal legal process,” and the women involved have chosen to remain anonymous.

“We trust that our supporters and community partners, as well as (Director) Anderson’s supporters and community partners, will be mindful of the struggle in outing oneself as a survivor of sexual assault, particularly when bringing allegations forth against a person in a position of power and influence,” the organization said.

They asked Anderson to issue a public apology and seek professional help for the alleged actions. Anderson rebuffed the request.

“Until I and the broader community have more comprehensive information, I cannot take the actions requested in the BLM5280 statement or address conduct I have no knowledge of,” Anderson said.

A Denver Police Department spokesperson said Saturday they are not aware of any sexual assault reports filed against Anderson.

The Board of Education said it confirmed there is no pending criminal investigation or charge against Anderson, according to a Saturday statement.

“These allegations are very serious and the Board will need to ensure that those involved, whether bringing or responding to a concern, are treated fairly and with due process,” the statement reads.

The board encouraged anyone who wants to share information about sexual assault to contact the Title IX officer at

BLM5280 has not responded to FOX31’s request for further comment or information.